Spring Decor Chic…Table & Breakfast Bar

Spring is one of my favorite times of year; it is symbolic of renewal, transformation and rejuvenation.  This year I am experiencing all of those things.  Today I awoke with a renewed sense of hope and determination to continue on the positive path.   In the past few days I’ve seen a number of butterflies flutter across my path.  I welcome the butterfly with a smile because it’s presence is a sure sign of major transformation aka Spring.

I decided my dining room could use a lot of rejuvenation.   It had been stagnating in clutter, disorganization and neglected plants.  I moved out the clutter and dead plants.  As I began organizing my dining area I felt inspired and hopeful.

Easter sneaks up on me every year; I asked my BFF and she told me it is next weekend!  WHAT THE HECK?! Where has the time gone?  At least I ‘d be semi proactive when I’d picked up the cutest, chicest Easter plates from Home Goods a few months ago.  I scored four dinner plates but only found two of the desert or salad plates.   This actually worked well because I used the dinner plates for the dining room table and the salad plates for the breakfast bar.  I need a little something to finish this off, but I like how the napkin pops between the gold dinner plate and the smaller Easter plate.

I was trying to work the pretty blush Peony and Magnolia stems into the vignette.  These lovelies are from Walmart (yes ma’am I tells no lie I was shocked too…)

AAAAnd inspiration struck!  I had been stashing my wine corks in a glass vase from an abandoned DIY projected.  I dumped the wine corks, the Magnolia and Peonies look amazing! **pops collar**

Bunnies are big in my home for the Spring season.  This amazingly precious curly hair Bunny is from Pier 1.  Let me tell you when I saw Jack (so I’m calling him Jack) I was instantly in love.  I waited and finally a discount code appeared in my Facebook offers.  I bee-lined right on over to Pier 1 and brought Jack home.   I’d shared a few other bunnies around the house on my Instagram page this past week, I was getting in the spirit.

 This cutie resides in my Beauty Room right at home with the Glam Candi. I digress back to the dining room and breakfast bar.

This guy (he hasn’t told me what to call him yet) I rescued from Ross, spotted after Jack, another a curly haired wabbit (in my Elmer Fudd voice).  I decided to add the specked eggs to this glass dome with the copper wrapped wood base.  I like how it turned out, another moment of inspo…

I enjoyed reacquainting myself with my dining room and breathing life back into it.  For far too long it has served only as a pass through from the living room to the kitchen, the more clutter I removed the higher my spirits lifted.  Here are some more pics of the dining room table.  The lemon tree is another Ross find.  I am smitten with it, I popped it into the gold hammered glass vase from Target (because the pot it’s in is beyond ugly…)

This is probably the simplest place-setting I’ve ever done but it is cheery, bright, and happy.  It is understated but still makes an impact.

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed the Bunny Business and had a wonderful Palm Sunday!


P.S. if you like Jack, check out his brother Peter here



    • missjacksonchloeisabel@yahoo.com says:

      Stephanie the plates are very pretty in person, I was obsessed after I found them. I’m glad you liked the post! Thanks commenting!

    • missjacksonchloeisabel@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks Jenny, I do have a soft spot for the bunnies, thanks for commenting.

  1. Ashlee G. says:

    Such a lovely arrangement! I really like Jack, and his brother, Peter (who happens to be sold out right now), they are so fluffy! Or at least, as much as decorative rabbits may be. I also think the plates looked fabulous, I am not one for overly fancy setups, so I do not think they were an understatement at all. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • missjacksonchloeisabel@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you Ashlee, Jack is worth a trip to Pier 1 to check in store availability. I’m glad you like the set up, thanks for stopping by ☺️

  2. agilbertkindoflife says:

    I am so far out of touch with decorating or keeping in sense of theme I need all the inspiration I can get! My house is bland and lacking that ‘welcoming feel’ soft decoration can offer. Pier 1?

    • missjacksonchloeisabel@yahoo.com says:

      I hope I can offer you some inspiration! Decorating your home is always such a personal experience and finding pieces that you love is the key. I’ve always found that taking the time to decide what you like and using your judgement about what you want to use to reflect your style will always be more rewarding. I’d love to chat more with you, maybe we can collaborate, I’d love to help get you started. Take care!

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