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H E L L O  A P R I L

April is finally here!  I’m such a spring and summer chick, I can’t wait for the ease of summer style.  In my last post, Pulled Together Chic it was all about my style keys for looking put together, in this post I want to talk about the details of Pulled Together Chic, Candi or the accessories that finish your look.

I love accessories and I never leave home without my Candi.  I’ll get into that shortly.  Accessories are essential for expanding your wardrobe.  Incorporating accessories into your closet is also the easiest way to stay on trend seasonally without breaking the bank.

 I am a self proclaimed accessory (aka Candi) junkie.  I like bold statement pieces but I’ve started to appreciate more of the delicate understated pieces.  When I am feeling more casual and laid back I like to sport more simple pieces.

The key is making sure you are comfortable with your Candi and I like to keep it simple.  If I’m wearing a bold statement necklace I keep my other pieces subtle.  A great piece of advice:  put on all the pieces you want and then take the one off that feels like over kill.

Candi includes those details that aren’t as obvious as jewelry, scarves, sunglasses like makeup and perfume. I never leave home without earrings, a ring, necklace, watch or bracelet and perfume.

Yes, perfume is an accessory.  It is an essential accessory for me.  I have a few signature scents but I don’t wear the same fragrance daily.  It is not necessary to spend a fortune on your accessories, I like to invest in classic pieces that I will get years and years of enjoyment.

My Essential Accessories

At least one statement necklace

At least one delicate necklace

Earrings:  hoops and studs

A watch

A scarf (preferably leopard)

At least three rings:  gold, silver and a statement



A bracelet

What are your essential accessories?

Remember, you aren’t fully dressed until you’ve accessorized!  

Thanks for visiting.


P.S. In case your still wondering I’m an accessory (aka Candi) junkie, you can always find stylish, chic, effortless, classic and bold statement (basically whatever it is you desire) in my online Chloe + Isabel jewelry boutique.


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