Office Chic: Inspirational Wall Decor

International Women’s day was a few days ago and I was inspired to reflect on the importance of having a positive outlook, surrounding yourself with motivational and inspirational things you love.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I love to be surrounded by beautiful glamorous decor this includes words and quotes.

I decided to incorporate these things into my office.  I enjoy spending time in my office but it’d gotten extremely disorganized and cluttered as I’d resumed dropping receipts and mail off without taking the time to organize and file things.  Part of this is my **ahem** procrastination disorder the other is time.  I’d been mulling over painting for a few months now.  Because my office has a single window and gets only morning sun it can be a bit dark as the day progresses, so I decided on a crisp, glossy white.  I picked up the paint (I chickened out and got semi-gloss instead of high gloss) Thursday after leaving the 9 to 5 fully set on painting Friday.

Well it didn’t exactly happen that way…

See the way my moon is set up in Venus this weekend…lol never-mind I digress, I just wasn’t feeling it.  It wasn’t going to make much sense for me to go against everything my body was screaming and take on this project before it was time.  Instead I vegged Friday and caught up on some Netflix and spent Saturday clearing off my desk and clearing away the mail and clutter that had accumulated.

I realized that part of the reason I enjoy this office so much is because I have incorporated things I love with positive and motivating words.  Madam Coco Chanel’s, “Keep your heels, head and standards high” resonates with me.  

My color scheme is black, white and gold with green as the accent color.  I’ve managed to introduce flawless stripes and using the simple white frames  to tie in the hot pink, mint and teal  it feels cohesive with out being over kill (well for me it’s not overkill, go with it).

When I spotted these gold foil lips I knew exactly where I’d hang them.

 Stay tuned for my updated office tour, I’ve been pondering changing the furniture placement which will be an opportune time to change or tweak once I paint.  XOXO




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