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I love this time of year!

I noticed this lovely beauty was about to bloom, can we talk about excitement!

 Then I saw my first Orchid was also about to bloom…

 Spring is in the air and it is around this time that I begin to feel inspired.  Inspired to refresh my home and incorporate decor that makes my house feel like a home.  While enjoying a nice cup of tea I decided my coffee table needed a little something, something.  I relocated the little brass elephant and she looks smashing with the stacked books and white candle holder.

 My style is eclectic with traditional chic elements.  In my last post I talked about paint as a cost effective way to update a space.  Another favorite is using plants.

  My blooming orchid on a silver pedestal with mini jade elephants and the goddess statue is classic Glam∙Candi∙Chic style.  Don’t mind my burned to death candle *sheepish grin**

Now if you don’t have a green thumb use silk or faux plants and floral arrangements…but today honey we are talking live green plants.  I’m going to be honest, I am a plant junkie.  Usually it is outdoor plants  but I have been inspired to add greenery inside my home.

I picked up another orchid Friday, I couldn’t resit she was marked down to $7.99.  She looks smashing in my master bathroom, this spot had been in need of something for some time now.

Before I even got into the grocery store I picked up these herbs.   I’m planning to pot these up and leave them on my kitchen counter.  Besides the three orchids, there is the fiddle leaf fig in my master bath.  Look, if you want a plant that will add the utmost chicness to your space allow me to introduce the Fiddle leaf fig!  These bad boys are elegant and graceful.  I have several and they have been a wonderful investment.  I got most of mine online from Home Depot when they were on sale, for the size they were the most reasonably priced, especially because I can’t buy locally.  The key for me is a sunny indirect light location, regular watering and once you find the spot for your baby leave them there.  I water mine on the weekend and I tend to rotate them once I notice they are leaning towards the light.


My smaller fiddle leaf figs in the family room in a gorgeous basket weave cream ceramic pot atop a gold garden stool.

The other plants in my family room showcase another habit, *ahem* pots.  Pots?!  Yes, to compliment my plant addiction is my pot obsession.  I am moved in unimaginable ways when I find a beautiful pot and plant combination.  I bought these black and white chevron pots well in advance (**cough** like a year ago **cough**) of the plants.  I have learned to use a few strategies when shopping and one is when you find something you love, buy it if you 1.  have a use for it, 2. can afford it (wait maybe that should be #1…), 3. don’t have a use for it but love it and eventually will have a use for it…

 Another favorite decor item of mine is blue and white porcelain like this cute unique shaped pot (the spheres are residing here temporarily but don’t you just LOVE how chic they are?!) I’ve been on the hunt lately, check out a few of my recent blue and white finds.    I hope you enjoyed my plant tour, stay tuned for more Home Decor Chic features.  XOXO



  1. Krissy says:

    Very nice, you’re so stylish not only with how you but you’re attire together but your home as well, it’s so you. Love it!

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