Organizational Challenge #2 — Glam Room Redo Reveal

Wall decor of truth…

This had become my motto because my Glam room was a CHAOTIC DISORGANIZED DISASTER!

Organization in process — new shoe storage

In my last post ya’ll saw the mess.  Let’s now move forward to the revel!

I didn’t realize until I updated the bookcases how nonfunctional the previous cases were.  Adding the taller white cases gave the room a lighter airier feeling.  Bonus: they actually held more shoes.

Welcome to the Glam Candi Shoe boutique

I decided two additional white cases were needed for a polished wall of shoes display.

Chaotic clutter replaced with neatly organized Candi

The glass and silver table the fiddle leaf fig resided on was relocated.


I spotted this gorgeous settee on a Home Goods run.  I couldn’t get it off my mind. I decided to go back for it the next day and yes you guessed it…IT WAS GONE!!!!

Glam Candi Chic xoxo

I drive a small sporty two door vehicle.  Relevant why? After the grey sette disappointment I decided to console myself with a Marshalls trip and guess what I found?  Yes, a smaller version of my inspiration piece.  Picture me trying to get the beautiful chair I ultimately ended up purchasing in my car, pure comedy.  As luck would have it, with some work and ALOTTA manuvearing I got this beauty home.  Had the original settee not been sold I would have been up the proverbial creek, ain’t no way in hell it would fit in my car!  TTFN

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