Organizational Challenge #2 — Glam Room Redo

A few years ago I decided to convert a room in my home to a Beauty Room.    I am a self-proclaimed shoe, handbag and accessory lover.  This love of all things glam and fabulous had grown quite out of control (this was my pre-smart phone era so no pictures)… My master bedroom closet was not having it!  I was running out of space.

Glam Room Early Set Up


I’d fallen in love with the Pier 1 Silver Hayworth collection.  I searched high and low but couldn’t find anything that came close to the style and my budget so I finally took the plunge and purchased the vanity and lingerie chest.

Pier 1 Hayworth Silver Vanity and Mirror

Pier 1 Hayworth Lingerie Chest










I decided against the coordinating tri-fold mirror, I wanted a sleeker mirror.   Scored it at Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off (always wait for the sale or use your 40 % off coupon).

Pier 1 Hayworth chest with calla lilies post paint.

Pier 1 vanity and chest with Hobby Lobby mirror. Chair from Marshalls.

My goal: create a glamorous boutique dedicated to makeup, shoes and jewelry (the bags had to stay in my closet).  I added window treatments and bookcases for shoe racks.  Starting my Chloe + Isabel business = triple the jewelry.  And well…








LIFE took over and my glamorous boutique became a cluttered, disorganized CHAOTIC MESS!!!

Disorganization & Chaos

Bookcases used for shoe storage…let’s do better

Wasted space leads to disorder…

Interested in seeing the after?  Next post I’ll show you my completed Organizational challenge reveal.  TTFN

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