Spring Decor Chic…Table & Breakfast Bar

Spring is one of my favorite times of year; it is symbolic of renewal, transformation and rejuvenation.  This year I am experiencing all of those things.  Today I awoke with a renewed sense of hope and determination to continue on the positive path.   In the past few days I’ve seen a number of butterflies flutter across my path.  I welcome the butterfly with a smile because Continue reading →

Pulled Together Chic…Accessories

H E L L O  A P R I L

April is finally here!  I’m such a spring and summer chick, I can’t wait for the ease of summer style.  In my last post, Pulled Together Chic it was all about my style keys for looking put together, in this post I want to talk about the details of Pulled Together Chic, Candi or the accessories that finish your look. Continue reading →

Pulled Together Chic

As I walked into my 9 to 5 one of my colleagues asked, “Can I ask you a question?”  I smiled and said, “Sure” she said, “…are you an avid fashion magazine reader, did you start reading fashion magazines at an early age?!” I giggled and she continued, “You always look so fashionable, chic and pulled together“. Continue reading →

2016 Spring Style Diary…What I Loved

During a “quick” trip to Target I happened upon the gorgeous Who What Wear line last spring…

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Office Chic: Inspirational Wall Decor

International Women’s day was a few days ago and I was inspired to reflect on the importance of having a positive outlook, surrounding yourself with motivational and inspirational things you love. Continue reading →

Home Decor Chic…Plant life

I love this time of year!

I noticed this lovely beauty was about to bloom, can we talk about excitement! Continue reading →

Bedroom Glam

Decorating my home has always been a passion.  I love to be surrounded by beautiful elements and decor and since I’d spent the better part of two years lounging in my bedroom in a funk, it was time to incorporate a light, bright and airy atmosphere into my boudoir.

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Downtown Stiletto Nights…

It all started Friday, I was in a pretty uninspired mood,  after a kind stranger paid for my Starbucks order I decided it was time to put my positive vibe in place, I even made a positive FB post about it trying to get out of my funk but I got to the plantation and was still NOT FEELING IT!

You know how those days go, everyone is just annoying and even their breathing is just working that last patient nerve.  I decided it was indeed time for Continue reading →

Organizational Challenge #2 — Glam Room Redo Reveal

Wall decor of truth…

This had become my motto because my Glam room was a CHAOTIC DISORGANIZED DISASTER! Continue reading →

Organizational Challenge #2 — Glam Room Redo

A few years ago I decided to convert a room in my home to a Beauty Room.    I am a self-proclaimed shoe, handbag and accessory lover.  This love of all things glam and fabulous had grown quite out of control (this was my pre-smart phone era so no pictures)… My master bedroom closet was not having it!  I was running out of space. Continue reading →